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Many Newbie Skiers and Snowboarders Throw Money Down The Drain Because They Do Not Know This

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Performance Wash & Performance Repel


My name is Paul Lister.  I am the sales director from Granger's. We’re established in 1937 and we are a blue sign company. All our products are VOC free and you can be sure that we are looking after you but we are also looking after the planet.

I just wanted to give you some examples of how you can care for your gear to get the best performance out of it. And I will start with how you can care for your shells.

Performance Wash For Your Shell & Outer Garments

So the first thing you need to do is to take performance wash, put one cap into the drawer and do one washing cycle. And what this will do, it will clean your shell. It won’t take any of the natural properties in the garment away from it. So it cleans without stripping any of the properties.

Paul Lister tells us about Grangers products & history at the OR show in Denver Colorado

Then once, you’ve done that. Take it out of the machine. Wring it, so that its nice and damp. Then the next thing to do is to take Performance Repel and then with Performance Repel if you hang your jacket so its nice and damp on the hanger. Spray the garment with Performance Repel.

Performance Repel helps preserve your outerwear.

It will go straight onto the base fabric and it will give you a concentrated formulation for the best repellency on that jacket. For best results, put your garment in a tumble dryer. If you put it in there damp, and put it on a low heat, until its dry, this will just give you a much better finish so you get much better protection. While our products will accure, but this is the best results.

  1. WASH SHELLS SEPERATELY - Remember, when using Grangers, one cap of wash per one outer garment for best results. 
  2. TUMBLE DRY - Do not forget to tumble dry low and to keep garment a little damp for Performance Repel. 
  3. SPRAY DAMP GARMENT WITH REPEL - Hang the damp garment and spray with Grangers Performance Repel.  After, allow garment to dry and get ready to take it out to the mountain. 

Proper Way to Clean Outer Shell

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