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The Jones Surf Series Has Inspiration From Japanese Snowboarder

When Surfing And Shredding Are Properly Meshed Into A Product

As Told by @chris_christenson73 while filming "Life Of Glide"

"With snowboards or surfboards, I don't believe in riding the same board every day. I like to base what I'm riding off my mood and the conditions. The Mind Expander is a smooth and casual cruiser that I like best for riding pow in the trees. That's where it outshines other boards. Or in spring snow. The Mind Expander is a slush machine."
- @chris_christenson73 ⁣⁣

Chris Christenson On The Waviest Snowboards With Jeremy Jones


Jones Snowboards, the company that has helped define the backcountry experience through their films and products, is celebrating ten years in the industry. It is interesting because the impact that they are having on the industry feels like its been longer.

Setting The Standard

Jeremy Jones and his brothers have established the lifestyle that many aspire to have, but through their film-making and storytelling, they inspire people worldwide to want to get out and get it.

Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones met and instantly bonded based on their passion for getting fast turns. The original Mountain Surfer was based on a surfboard model Chris created called the Ocean Racer.

Surfing On Water

All of the magic that Chris was already doing to surfboards was now blessing Jeremy Jones and the snowboarding world, making The Jones' Surf Series a game-changer for backcountry riders.
(Teton Gravity Research - Got Shapes?)

Surfing On Snow

The first offspring of Chris and Jeremy's design partnership was the perfect crossover point between surfing and snowboarding - a binding-less board made for pow surfing. The board was dubbed the Mountain Surfer.
(Teton Gravity Research - Got Shapes?)

For the complete history of Jones Snowboards, check ten years of snowboards, Got Shapes on the Teton Gravity Research website.
(Teton Gravity Research - Got Shapes?)

Chris Christenson in his happy places, surfing and riding

Jeremy Jones' Life of Glide



  1. Storm Chaser - The Surfy Speed Racer The Storm Chaser is a power-packed swallowtail that offers magical float in pow and radical carving potential. Surfboard shaper Chris Christenson designed the rocker profile and base contours of the Storm Chaser using the refined dimensions of his fastest gliding surfboards. The result is an explosively fast powder rocket that packs insane float into an agile, shortboard.
  2. Mind Expander - Expand your mind, expand your mountain The Mind Expander is an alternative all-mountain board that wants to slash every terrain feature in sight. Surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones designed the Mind Expander for the creative rider who draws lines blending freestyle, freeride, and surf styles. For playful float in pow, the Mind Expander features a Surf Rocker profile, a 3D Contour Base 3.0, and a hybrid directional shape. 
  3. Lone Wolf- The Radical Rocketship The Lone Wolf is a big gun swallowtail built to arc big turns in big terrain. Designed by surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones, the Lone Wolf blends features of a pow board with the long sidecut of a Super-G race board. It’s designed to be ridden long as the narrow waist width, long sidecut, camber underfoot and Triax Carbon Innegra make it a rocketship for the aggressive hard pack carver.
  4. Ultra Mind Expander- Expand your mind, expand your mountain The Ultra Mind Expander is a super charged alternative all-mountain board designed for high speed slashing and freeriding. We stepped up the top speed of the playful Mind Expander by adding camber, premium materials and a stiffer flex to the Ultra Mind Expander. 

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