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@shreddlocks gives the low down on Capita snowboards

Black Snowboard Of Death

With legendary status as an all-terrain slayer, The CAPiTA Black Snowboard of Death is always evolving. In fact, the only element that has remained the same over the last eighteen years is the name itself. For 2019, The Black Snowboard of Death has been refined within its anytime, anyplace, any condition, all-mountain design mantra which made it famous from the beginning

favorite set-up

One of the amazing things about snowboarding is the chance to meet amazing people all around the world on and off of the mountain. Meet @shreddlocks of @powdertools

What up Whitepowderruns.
This is Shreddlocks of Powdertools, Steamboat Springs Colorado.

I’m going to talk to you about a few products today, mainly about the boards, bindings and boots that I’m riding this year.


@shreddlocks laps the park in Winter Park on the CAPITA Outsiders snowboard

1st of all, we have the Outsiders from Capita. It is a full camber board, which has always been a favorite, my go to for anything on the mountain, lots of pop. Lots of stability, response going fast. Carving soul carves, anything you want to do its great. Super light all around awesome board.

Black Snowboard Of Death

Another one that I really enjoy this year and finally got a chance to get on is the Black Snowboard Of Death. I went up to a 159 which is a big board but just destroys the entire mountain. A lot of fun, just a tank and it bumps powder, anything riding switch. I absolutely just love it. Both of those boards have Union bindings on them.

My favorite go to choice of Union is the Atlas. Good all mountain binding. Nice stiff, big straps, anything I want to do its reliable, lightweight, great. And to match all that up I use Thirty-two boots. I’ve ridden Thirty-Two’s for the last decade. This year riding the T2s, the XLT’s from Thirty-Two. A little bit bulkier boot but its nice and stiff for my style blasting off of anything I can see. Side hits, gotta live for the side hits, drops, cliffs. Anything like that. Those three paired together just make an ultimate ride for me.

@shreddlocks with the method at Winter Park

Capita Snowboards

Steamboat Springs Colorado is known for its champagne powder.  So we decided to take the powder party there.  We hooked up with Powdertools where @shreddlocks gives us the run down on why he prefers to shred on a Capita Snowboard.

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  1. CAPITA Snowboard - Between the Capita Outsider and the Capita Black Snowboard of Death, it depends on the conditions.
  2. UNION Binding - My go to are the Union Atlas bindings which I use with all of my Capita snowboards.
  3. Thirty-Two Boots - I have ridden Thirty-Two Boots for over a decade and there is nothing to change there.

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