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Kurtis Jackson On His Top 3 RIDE Snowboards

Was The RIDE Mountain Pig Designed By NASA Scientists

by @kcarrrl of @powdertools

What's up WHITEPOWDERRUNS, my name is Kurtis,  and I'm going to let you know about my three best set-ups. If I had to pick my best personal set-ups, it would be a RIDE board: a RIDE Berzerker, A RIDE Mountain Pig, and A RIDE Burnout.

In our first story, we connect with vetern snowboarder and surfer @kcarrrl who gives us a complete breackdown of The RIDE Berzerker, RIDE Mountain Pig and RIDE Burnout.  Kurtis Jackson has been riding the mountain for quite some time growing up in Steamboat and riding his entire life.


RIDE Mountain Pig

First off, my winter board of choice would be the RIDE Mountain Pig. This board is not for the faint of heart. It definitely thrives on those big deep days on big mountain riding. But believe it or not, you can take it in the halfpipe, park, jumps. It's a little clangy on rails, but it pretty much kills anything in front of it. A directional board, three quarter inch set back, its good a little more stiffness in the tail..

@kcarrrl nailing some rails on the RIDE Burnout snowboard @Winter Park

Rumor has it that the dimensions for this board were found in a C.I.A document predating the cold war. Apparently the Bay of Pigs invasion, some secret documents were found and in that were dimensions for an ICBM missle, which also makes for a really great snowboard. You want to go fast, the RIDE Mountain Pig is th one for you.

RIDE Berzerker

Set-up number 2 out of 3, the RIDE Berzerker. I ride a 163 WIDE. It's a little more versatile. Developed by Jake Blauvelt, a really good all mountain rider who pretty much kills everything put in front of him. The RIDE Berzerker rides a lot of big mountain. It can still ride jumps and half-pipe. Fortunately, Jake Blauvelt gets the opportunity to ride more backcountry than anything, but his board is ready for just about everything.

The RIDE Mountain Pig is perfect for a powder day, as seen here in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

You can ride it on a resort everyday. Really you can ride it anywhere all the time. Again, its a true camber board. It's a little bit set back. A little bit of rocker in the nose which makes it float really easily in pow. Yeah, the RIDE Berzerker, that's another great board.

RIDE Burnout

Set-up number three would be the RIDE Burnout. It is a true twin snowboard. This is not your directional board. This is your more playful board in comparison to the two, but yet it is not a very playful board for those not looking to get after it. It definately has a lot of guts. Full carbon array, full camber. It's designed like a traditional twin freestyle board. Very stiff, but lands jumps really well. You can still slide rails and crush the half-pipe. And you can still hit a big backcountry jump on this board. Some of these other boards just float a little better in powder. This board here is your all day everyday resort killer. For sure.


Which RIDE To Ride

  1. Mountain Pig - The RIDE Mountain Pig is a very confident board that can ride anything, but try it on a powder day and you will love how it floats and takes you anywhere you want to go in the backcountry.
  2. Berzerker - Looking to hit it big in the backcountry, but also want to bring the session back to the resort and maybe get some laps in the park?  Than try the Berzerker, it should grant you everything that you need to have an awesome day.
  3. Burnout - The RIDE Burnout definitely is the resort killer of the three. Try the RIDE Burnout, it is a very stiff twin freestyle board that also can go big in the backcountry.

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