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Can I Ride With You?

Breckenridge Edition

Mason, Nick and Tom

Can I Ride With You - Breckenridge, Co

It is evident that we are passionate about skiing and riding. We at WHITEPOWDERRUNS have the Top 5 Tips To Finding Powder Anywhere on the planet because let's face it, it is always out there, we just need to know how to get to it. Follow these easy steps, and we guarantee you will have an incredible powder day

Can I Ride With You is a series that we shoot with different people on different mountains.  This episode is an exclusive 'locals edition' where we catch a few locals who turn the Can I Ride With You episode into a bonus treat when they show us where to hike to get some untouched snow on Peak 8 the day after a dump.  

Taking in the Breckenridge views with Nick, Tom and Mason.

Mason, Nick & Tom

Snowboarders Mason & Nick caught my attention while I was lapping the Falcoln Chair on Peak 10 at Breckenridge.  They were really chill, but they were shredding hard and having fun and I gravitated towards that.  So I saw them head to the chair and I raced to coincidentally ride up with them and hopefully connect.  

I see them getting on the chair and I ask if they mind if I ride with them.  They look me up and down and reply that it is ok, and this is all it took for me to experience a special powder day on Christmas in Breckenridge.

Breckenridge gives you a variety of options to hike on any given day

After lapping the Falcoln chair a couple of more times, it felt like these boys were showing me an entirely different mountain.  There was powder and pillows and bumps everywhere, and these guys had it dialed in, so riding with them gave me a look at the mountain that I had not yet received yet.  And to top it off, at the end of the day, they showed me a hike that I had actually wondered about the day before, but since I was riding by myself, I did not want to go into unknown territory alone.  It all works out on the mountain if you pay attention to the mountain.  Although I wanted to do the hike a day before, I knew that I needed someone locally to show me before I just start hiking and not knowing, and I am very grateful I waited and let Mason, Nick and Tom show me the hike.

  1. YOU GOTTA RELAX - 1. The first step is to calm down, you gotta relax. We know you have been dreaming of getting up on the mountain, we all have been there. Here' is where we have to be honest with you. Those guys and gals you see doing all the tricks and jumps have been up here this season a lot longer than you. And although their riding gets you excited, we would bet that you are not training like they are. For some, skiing and snowboarding is not a vacation, its a job and let us tell you, these skiers and riders are putting in work. Try it now!
  2. PRACTICE HUMILITY - After you have calmed down and checked your ego, now you are ready to get into finding some excellent powder. Remember you are in a different environment that plays by different rules than many of you are coming from. And the next step in really experiencing nature is humbling yourself and recognizing how small you really are. Try it now!
  3. GATHER INTEL - OK, now you are on the road to powder. Many of us love to ride the lift up with our buddies, but here is a suggestion. Finding the powder requires you and your buddies go into intel gathering mode. We suggest that you get in the single line where each of you has a better probability of connecting with a local or better yet, someone who works on the mountain and listen and then ask questions about where the powder is. Reconvene at the top of the mountain where everyone can share the intel and head in the direction of where the most powder is expected to be. Try it now!
  4. FLEXIBILITY - Remember when we spoke of humility? Well now is where it is time to practice it. Do a couple of runs with your friends but keep an eye on the other riders and look out for those skiers and riders that appear to know every bump and hit as they are cruising and when you locate them, try your best to line up with them on the lift line, introduce yourself, let them know that you saw them and think they are top skiers and riders, let them know you are not as good as they are, but if you could keep up, you would love to do some turns with them. If they agree, now comes the tricky part. When you meet your friends at the top, you have to be honest about who can actually keep up. Once you've sorted that out, now you are ready to get it. Try it now!
  5. PUSH OUT OF COMFORT ZONE - 5. If you can keep up, the locals will gradually show you some of the good stuff because let's face it, everyone wants the good stuff. And if you are lucky like we were this past Christmas, they might even take you on a small hike to some untouched powder. Once you have been afforded this awesome experience, you better be treating for a couple of rounds of beers. Enjoy that powder. Try it now!

Can I Ride With You - Nelson

We are coming on strong with new episodes of Can I Ride With You where we sit down with skiers and snowboarders and learn how they developed their love for winter sports.  (Powderhound)

Can I Ride with You - Steven

We are coming on strong with new episodes of Can I Ride With You where we sit down with skiers and snowboarders and learn how they developed their love for winter sports. (Powderhound)

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