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Are Snowskates What Snowboards Were To The Industry 30 Years Ago?

Snow Skates At A Resort Near You 


What's up WHITEPOWDERRUNS, this is Ryan with Hovland, What makes snow skating so fun, it brings the skateboarding vibe to the resort. So you can start working on shove- its, kickflips, it makes a green run a lot more fun than it use to be.

In our on-going coverage of the snow skate phenomenon that is taking place on the mountain, we connect with vetern skater @ihatespencernuzzi who gives us some tips on how to get started on any kind of snow skates.  



Hey, what's up WHITEPOWDERRUNS, I'm Spencer Nuzzi. I know people think snow skates might be a little sketchy at first, but it is not so bad. To get started, all you have to do is take a few runs on your snowboard.  Learn and feel your heel edge and your toe edge on your snowboard, then switch to the snow skate. Learn how to stop.  After that, you are going to get addicted. I mean, I stopped snowboarding because of this thing.

@adrianholcomb_rmte hitting the small rail park on a snow skate in Breckenridge Colorado.

We took some turns with now skater @adrianholcomb_rmte in Breckenridge, Colorado.  He told us how he transitioned to snow skates.  "I was snowboarding since, like 12, I'm 32 now. I've been on the mountain for 20 years, and this is only my second year on the skate. I love it, though. It's so much fun, and I hardly want to touch my snowboard anymore. I think I have like 30 days on the snow skate and like three on the snowboard. The more laps I take on this one (Hovland Buckshot), the more I like it. I've ridden a lot of days on the other one(Hovland Five Oh). It bellies out at the end here, so it keeps you on top of the powder." 

The first anual Hovland Snowskate Jam in Minturn Colorado

The snow skate phenomenon is so interesting because it shows how we deal with change. Whether we are skiers or snowboarders, we are not that open to difference and change.  If you do not believe me, trail a snow skater on any mountain and observe their interaction with other skiers and riders.  Skating has always been viewed synonomously with rebellion, and that attitude might be justifiable with snow skaters as well who are simply enjoying the mountain just like you are. The notion that some of the rebellion may be a reaction is something to be considered.


It is the next movement, we've got a lot of inertia behind what we're doing and it is really fun to get people to try it. People are a little afraid when they see it. They think it is going to be difficult. You might be a bit wobbly your first run, and after that, you're going to be cooking.



  1. The Upload - Each resort has their own rules and as snow skating becomes more popular, we will be made more aware, but before you head to the mountain with your snow skates, make sure you understand their specific rules and if they are snow skate friendly. If they are, make sure you have a leash and walk to the lift with your snow skate in hand. If other skiers or riders are going to be on your chair, let them know that you have a snow skate and might want to leave the bar up. At the top of the chair, either walk off or jump onto your snow skate and ride away from the chair.
  2. Think Green Runs - This where you have a lot of fun with the snow skates. This is a also where you take your first snow skate test runs getting a feel for the heel and toe edge turns.  Once you start to feel comfortable on the skate, practice how to start.
  3. Enjoy The Ride - Skiing and snowboarding are the type of activities that we participate in because we enjoy many benefits.  In addition to being in nature, these sports force us to consider and think about our progression in these sports as we aspire to do bigger and better things.  The most valuable lesson that we learn is that what we put in is what we get back, so after learning and getting comfortable with the basics, the sky is the limit. The same holds true for snow skating.  If you see a snow skater on a mountain this season.  Wave and smile, they will like it.

The 1st annual Hovland Minturn Skate Jam

Hovland Snow Skates

Hovland is all over the place. We are based in Salt Lake City, but we get to shred all over the place. It's what we like to do, have fun, high fives, that's what it is all about.

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